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Porsche 911 Turbo

Porsche 911 Turbo

In 2006, Dr. Ing. H.c. Porsche will extend it's current product  line with the addition of a new 911 Turbo, the sixth generation  of the 911 series. This top-of-the-range model will have its world  premiere at the Geneva Motor Show on February 28, 2006 and  as from June 24, 2006 it will be available in German dealerships.   The 911 Turbo (type 997) has a few improvements. It has an  output of 480 bhp at 6,000 rpm, a 3.6 litre engine, a rated torque  of 620 Nm and a maximum torque available between 1,950 and  5,000 rpm. All these numbers are translated into driving  performance, as the 911 Turbo with six-speed manual transmission  only needs 3.9 seconds to get from zero to 100 km/h. The coupe  reaches 200 km/h in 12.8 seconds. Despite these performance  statistics, Porsche developers succeeded to keep the average consumption to 12.8 liters per100 km.   For those who need even more speed, the 911 Turbo offers the  optionally Tiptronic S automatic transmission. This way, it can reach  100 km/h from a standing start in just 3.7 seconds and 200 km/h in  a mere 12.2 seconds. Both manual and automatic transmissions  have a top speed of 310 km/k. Available for the first time, the optional  "Sport Chrono Package Turbo" enhances the vehicle's flexibility even  further.    The Porsche 911 Turbo features a redesigned all-wheel drive with  an electronically controlled multi-disc clutch. The result will be the  transfer of the available power to the road. That's because, depending on the driving conditions, this system will determine the optimal torque  distribution to ensure the best-possible drive.  Also, Porsche Traction  Management (PTM) ensures variable power distribution to the two  driven axles. This means that on the road the 911Turbo will prove  outstanding traction in the rain or snow, high agility on narrow country  roads and optimal active safety even at high speeds.

The new 911 Turbo's driving performance is duly tempered by its brake  system, which comprises monobloc fixed-caliper disc brakes with six  pistons at the front axle and four at the rear. The diameter of the internally ventilated and perforated brake discs at the front and rear wheels is 350  millimeters. An optimized ceramic brake system that Porsche offers is  Porsche Ceramic Composite Brake (PCCB). This high-tech system  reduces with 17 kilograms the standard brake system and provides an excellent fading stability.

The major bodywork change of the 911 Turbo is the modified front end with  its distinctive, tautly drawn cooling air inlets. Combined with the standard  oval bi-xenon headlights, it will define the new unmistakable image. From  the rear perspective too, the Turbo will seem more powerful. This is due first and foremost to its tail end, 22 millimeters wider than that of the previous  model, to which the redesigned wing spoiler element has been aligned.

Secondly, the lateral air inlets behind the doors have been redrawn and now  they offer a more efficient supply of cooling air to the charge-air intercoolers.

The basic price for the 911 Turbo is 115,000 Euros. In the USA, from July  8, 2006, the vehicle will be available at $122,000 (not including taxes).

Used Bridesmaid Dresses

Used Bridesmaid Dresses

Budgeting a wedding can be a real strain on everyone involved including the wedding attendants. Some thrifty brides are looking to choosing used bridesmaid dresses as a cost effective alternative to the brand new and more expensive versions. While this may save quite a bit of money for the attendants you might want to consider the pros and cons before choosing used bridesmaid dresses for your party.

The first thing to consider is your attendants. If you have a large number of ladies involved in the occasion you might want to forgo the used bridesmaid dresses. It is unlikely that you and your attendants will find matching gowns for the special day. Parties that have more than three bridesmaids might want to reconsider this cost effective option.

Size is another major issue for some attendants. If your wedding party includes large, tall or petite ladies you might have an extremely difficult time finding used bridesmaid dresses that will fit everyone. The more unusual the shapes, the more likely it will be burdensome for everyone involved seeking pre-owned bridal gowns.  Unless you know a great seamstress you will probably fair better if you avoid used bridesmaid dresses.

Those who have average sized bridesmaids who are few in number might want to consider consignment shops and local advertisements for used bridal gowns. These cheap wedding garments are perfect for the thrifty crew who loves to boast about savings. Once you choose this route there are some steps to take before making a purchase.

What you may save in money you may spend in time. Finding used bridesmaid dresses can be a time-consuming project especially if you are looking for exact matches. On the other hand, you might want to take an eclectic approach that allows your bridesmaids to choose their own unique used bridesmaid gowns.

All you really need is swatches of fabric for each of your bridesmaids that represent the color that you would like your attendants to wear. The rest will be up to them. I took this particular approach for my bridesmaids and it worked wonderfully. There were only two ladies in my party so the gowns didn't need to match perfectly.

I was amazed that the girls found two used bridesmaid dresses that were identical in color. They were also made by the same manufacturer. They looked fantastic and they spent a fraction of the money that they would have if they bought new gowns.